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Title: A study in violent language
Authors: Aquilina, J.
Keywords: Maltese language -- Lexicology
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Aquilina, J. (1975). A study in violent language. Journal of Maltese Studies, 10, 29-54.
Abstract: Words can be either emotionally neutral or emotionally charged. A word is emotionally neutral when it conveys the meaning without any involvement of the emotions and emotionally charged when the meaning thereof is coloured supersegmentally. Every single word in the dictionary is thus emotionally neutral but only insofar as it is no more than a lexeme or morpheme made up of a number of consonantal and vocalic phonemes strung together according to a recognisable semantic pattern. These lexical units become emotionally charged when they occur in contexts and situations charged with feelings of which there is a whole gamut from the very mild to the excitable and explosive.
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