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Title: Measurements of multiple scattering of high energy protons in bent silicon crystals
Authors: Scandale, Walter
Arduini, Gianluigi
Butcher, Mark
Cerutti, Francesco
Garattini, M.
Gilardoni, Simone S.
Lechner, Anton
Losito, Roberto
Masi, Alessandro
Mirarchi, Daniele
Montesano, Simone
Redaelli, Stefano
Rossi, Roberto
Schoofs, Philippe
Smirnov, George I.
Valentino, Gianluca
Breton, Dominique
Burmistrov, L.
Chaumat, Vincent
Dubos, S.
Maalmi, Jihane
Puill, Veronique
Stocchi, Achille
Bagli, Enrico
Bandiera, Laura
Germogli, G.
Guidi, Vincenzo
Mazzolari, Andrea
Dabagov, Sultan B.
Murtas, Fabrizio
Addesa, F.
Cavoto, G.
Iacoangeli, Francesco
Galluccio, Francesca
Afonin, Alexander G.
Chesnokov, Yu A.
Durum, A. A.
Maisheev, Vladimir A.
Sandomirskiy, Yu E.
Yanovich, A. A.
Kovalenko, Alexander Dmitrievich
Taratin, Alexander M.
Denisov, Alexander S.
Gavrikov, Yu A.
Ivanov, Yuri M.
Lapina, Lyubov P.
Malyarenko, Liudmila G.
Skorobogatov, Vyacheslav V.
James, T. O.
Hall, Geoff N.
Pesaresi, Mark
Raymond, Mark V.
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Proton beams -- Measurement
Multiple scattering (Physics)
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Citation: Scandale, W., Arduini, G., Butcher, M., Cerutti, F., Garattini, M., Gilardoni, S.,... Raymond, M. (2017). Measurements of multiple scattering of high energy protons in bent silicon crystals. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 402, 291-295.
Abstract: The ordered positions of atoms in crystals give a reason to study multiple Coulomb scattering of high energy charged particles within them. In addition, the accurate representation of multiple scattering of high energy protons in a bent crystal is important for studies of crystal assisted collimation at the SPS and the LHC. Multiple scattering of 400 GeV/c protons in bent silicon crystals was measured for orientations far from the directions of main crystallographic planes and axes in conditions excluding channeling of protons. The observed RMS widths of the angular distributions are a little larger than those obtained from the Moliere theory. Simulation of multiple scattering in a model of binary collisions with the crystal atoms shows about 3.5% decrease of the RMS deflection with respect to the model of a sequence of random collisions. We consider this as a possible indication of a reduction of multiple scattering of protons in a crystal in comparison with its amorphous state.
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