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Title: Environmental criteria for valley management to support water conservation
Authors: Caruana, Tarah Marie
Keywords: Fresh water -- Malta
Valley ecology -- Malta
Water conservation -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Freshwater conservation is problematic in the Maltese islands as being that the only source is provided through precipitation, the continuous growth of human population signifies depletion of water quantity as well as reductions in quality. Energy resources are expended and focused on reversing the quality rather than focusing on conserving stormwater. The management of valleys as freshwater catchment areas will aid the conservation of water and hence increase the supply. However trade-offs, such as the construction of dams are known to cause damages to the existing ecosystem of the basin. The ideal option would be the attainment of an equilibrium in which the conservation of both freshwater and the ecosystem would be occurring, with an emphasis on the mitigation of adverse effects. The focus of this research was the enquiry into the inter-dynamics of water conservation and the protection of freshwater biocenosis, within the specific context of valleys. The methodology adopted was that of qualitative research interviews, which incorporated within them both semi-structured and open-ended questions. Raw data acquired was then coded by means of thematic analysis. The findings suggest that the main two criteria to be assessed when managing a valley are the ecological status and the hydrological catchment potential. The latter gives an indication of net benefits versus net impacts and hence determines whether a valley may be allowed to be subject to water conservation projects or not. Therefore, the hydrological catchment potential grants the possibility of symbiosis for the use of valleys for water conservation whilst including the possible endangerment of the existent biodiversity.
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