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Title: Strong reduction of the off-momentum halo in crystal assisted collimation of the SPS beam
Authors: Scandale, Walter
Arduini, Gianluigi
Assmann, Ralph W.
Cerutti, Francesco
Gilardoni, Simone S.
Laface, Emanuele
Losito, Roberto
Masi, Alessandro
Metral, Elias
Mirarchi, Daniele
Montesano, Simone
Previtali, Valentina
Redaelli, Stefano
Valentino, Gianluca
Schoofs, Philippe
Smirnov, George I.
Bagli, Enrico
Baricordi, Stefano
Dalpiaz, Pietro F.
Guidi, Vincenzo
Mazzolari, Andrea
Vincenzi, Donato
Dabagov, Sultan B.
Murtas, Fabrizio
Claps, Gerardo
Cavoto, G.
Iacoangeli, Francesco
Ludovici, Lucio
Santacesaria, Roberta
Valente, Paolo
Galluccio, Francesca
Afonin, Alexander G.
Bulgakov, M. K.
Chesnokov, Yu A.
Maisheev, Vladimir A.
Yazynin, Igor A.
Kovalenko, Alexander Dmitrievich
Taratin, Alexander M.
Uzhinskiy, Vladimir V.
Gavrikov, Yu A.
Ivanov, Yuri M.
Lapina, Lyubov P.
Skorobogatov, Vyacheslav V.
Ferguson, W.
Fulcher, Jonathan Richard
Hall, Geoff N.
Pesaresi, Mark
Raymond, Mark V.
Rose, Alec W.
Ryan, Matt J.
Robert-Demolaize, Guillaume
Markiewicz, Thomas Walter
Oriunno, Marco
Wienands, U.
Keywords: Colliders (Nuclear physics)
Particle accelerators
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Citation: Scandale, W., Arduini, G., Assmann, R., Cerutti, F., Gilardoni, S., Laface, E.,...Wienands, U. (2012). Strong reduction of the off-momentum halo in crystal assisted collimation of the SPS beam. Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 714(2-5), 231-236.
Abstract: A study of crystal assisted collimation has been continued at the CERN SPS for different energies of stored beams using 120 GeV/. c and 270 GeV/. c protons and Pb ions with 270 GeV/. c per charge. A bent silicon crystal used as a primary collimator deflected halo particles using channeling and directing them into the tungsten absorber. A strong correlation of the beam losses in the crystal and off-momentum halo intensity measured in the first high dispersion (HD) area downstream was observed. In channeling conditions, the beam loss rate induced by inelastic interactions of particles with nuclei is significantly reduced in comparison with the non-oriented crystal. A maximal reduction of beam losses in the crystal larger than 20 was observed with 270 GeV/. c protons. The off-momentum halo intensity measured in the HD area was also strongly reduced in channeling conditions. The reduction coefficient was larger than 7 for the case of Pb ions. A strong loss reduction was also detected in regions of the SPS ring far from the collimation area. It was shown by simulations that the miscut angle between the crystal surface and its crystallographic planes doubled the beam losses in the aligned crystal.
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