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Title: First operational experience with the LHC Diode ORbit and OScillation (DOROS) System
Authors: Gasior, Marek
Baud, Guillaume
Olexa, Jakub
Valentino, Gianluca
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Colliders (Nuclear physics)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ALBA
Citation: Gasior, M., Olexa, J., Baud, G., & Valentino, G. (2016). First operational experience with the LHC Diode ORbit and OScillation (DOROS) System. 2016 International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona. 43-46.
Abstract: The LHC started high-energy operation in 2015 with new tertiary collimators, equipped with beam position monitors embedded in their jaws. The required resolution and stability of the beam orbit measurements linked to these BPMs were addressed by the development of a new Diode ORbit and OScillation (DOROS) system. DOROS converts the short BPM electrode pulses into slowly varying signals by compensated diode detectors, whose output signals can be precisely processed and acquired with 24-bit ADCs. This scheme allows a sub-micrometre orbit resolution to be achieved with robust and relatively simple hardware. The DOROS system is also equipped with dedicated channels optimised for processing beam oscillation signals. Data from these channels can be used to perform betatron coupling and beta-beating measurements. The achieved performance of the DOROS system triggered its installation on the beam position monitors located next to the LHC experiments for testing the system as an option of improving the beam orbit measurement in the most important LHC locations. After introducing the DOROS system, its performance is discussed through both, beam and laboratory measurements.
ISBN: 9783954501779
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