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Title: The rise of Maltese nationalism 1880-1888
Other Titles: Party politics in a fortress colony : the Maltese experience
Authors: Frendo, Henry
Keywords: Malta -- History -- British occupation, 1800-1964
Nationalism -- Malta
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Midsea Publication
Citation: Frendo, H. (1991). The rise of Maltese nationalism 1880-1888. In H. Frendo (Ed.), Party politics in a fortress colony : the Maltese experience (pp. 15-60). VaIletta: Midsea Publication.
Abstract: The Maltese patriotic consensus, besides postulating that, ideally, the people should control internal affairs, especially public expenditure, embodied, so far, a more or less standard view of patria: Malta was Catholic by religion, Italian by cultural heritage, Maltese through local attachments, habits and expectations. The 'British occupation, however, led gradually to the creation of different kinds of jobs, opportunities and associations, so that the life styles and outlooks of many people began to change: in the third generation since 1800 these people were beginning to make their influence felt. Political beliefs, reflecting the fortress-colony's changing social structure, began to challenge some of the basic assumptions of the traditional outlook until, after a prolonged and bitter struggle, the colonial dynamic altered the patriotic consensus, in some respects almost beyond recognition.
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