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Title: First determination of the ρ parameter at√ s= 13 TeV–probing the existence of a colourless three-gluon bound state
Other Titles: European organization for nuclear research
Authors: Antchev, Gueorgui
Aspell, P.
Atanassov, I.
Avati, V.
Baechler, J.
Barrera, C. B.
Berardi, V.
Berretti, M.
Bossini, E.
Bottigli, U.
Bozzo, M.
Bruce, Roderik
Burkhardt, Helmut
Cafagna, F. S.
Catanesi, M. G.
Csanad, M.
Csorgo, T.
Deile, Mario
Leonardis, F. de
D’Orazio, A.
Doubek, M.
Druzhkin, D.
Eggert, K.
Eremin, V.
Ferro, F.
Fiergolski, A.
Garcia, F.
Garcia Morales, H.
Georgiev, V.
Giani, S.
Grzanka, L.
Hammerbauer, J.
Heino, Jouni
Helander, P.
Isidori, T.
Ivanchenko, V.
Janda, M.
Karev, A.
Kaspar, J.
Kopal, J.
Kundrat, V.
Lami, S.
Latino, G.
Lauhakangas, R.
Linhart, R.
Lindsey, C.
Lokajicek, M. V.
Losurdo, L.
Vetere lo, M.
Lucas Rodriguez, F.
Macri, M.
Malawski, M.
Minafra, N.
Minutoli, S.
Naaranoja, T.
Nemes, F.
Niewiadomski, Hubert
Novak, Tihana
Oliveri, E.
Oljemark, F.
Oriunno, Marco
Osterberg, K.
Palazzi, P.
Passaro, V.
Peroutka, Z.
Prochazka, J.
Quinto, M.
Radermacher, Ernst
Radicioni, E.
Ravotti, F.
Redaelli, Stefano
Robutti, E.
Royon, C.
Ruggiero, G.
Saarikko, H.
Salvachua, Belen
Scribano, A.
Siroky, J.
Smajek, J.
Snoeys, W.
Stefanovitch, R.
Sziklai, J.
Taylor, C.
Tcherniaev, E.
Turini, N.
Vacek, V.
Valentino, Gianluca
Welti, J.
Wenninger, Jorg
Williams, J.
Wyszkowski, P.
Zich, J.
Zielinski, K.
Keywords: Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Particles (Nuclear physics)
Collisions (Nuclear physics)
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: CERN
Citation: Antchev, G., D'Orazio, A., Burkhardt, H., Stefanovitch, R., Novak, T., Grzanka, L., ... & Royon, C. (2017). First determination of the ρ parameter at√ s= 13 TeV–probing the existence of a colourless three-gluon bound state. (No. CERN-EP-2017-335).
Abstract: The TOTEM experiment at the LHC has performed the first measurement at √ s = 13TeV of the ρ parameter, the real to imaginary ratio of the nuclear elastic scattering amplitude at t = 0, obtaining the following results: ρ = 0.09±0.01 and ρ = 0.10±0.01, depending on different physics assumptions and mathematical modelling. The unprecedented precision of the ρ measurement, combined with the TOTEM total cross-section measurements in an energy range larger than 10TeV (from 2.76 to 13TeV), has implied the exclusion of all the models classified and published by COMPETE. The ρ results obtained by TOTEM are compatible with the predictions, from alternative theoretical models both in the Regge-like framework and in the modern QCD framework, of a colourless 3-gluon bound state exchange in the t-channel of the proton-proton elastic scattering. On the contrary, if shown that the 3-gluon bound state t-channel exchange is not of importance for the description of elastic scattering, the ρ value determined by TOTEM would represent a first evidence of a slowing down of the total cross-section growth at higher energies.
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