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University Council established the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MaKS) on January 27, 2011 to replace the Centre for Communication Technology (CCT). This development was instigated by the expertise accumulated within the Centre over the past decade and the knowledge-based societal trends emerging within business and industry both locally and overseas. The new faculty continues to study the pivotal role of media and communications as described in the objectives of the Centre it replaces. Communications and media technologies remain a constitutive element of modern society. However, MaKS also pursues the investigation of knowledge creation, its accumulation and transfer, and its multiple use in society. Thus MaKS embraces cognitive neuroscience and social science research as theoretical frameworks for communication, as well as different forms of digital media expressions and social structures that make the dissemination of knowledge possible. This wider research agenda allows MaKS to work collaboratively with other entities within the University and also engage overseas institutions with similar interests. To fulfill its remit, MaKS is made up of six departments as follows: Department of Media and Communications Department of Library Information and Archive Sciences Department of Digital Arts Department of Corporate Communication Department of Cognitive Science Department of Information Policy and Governance* MaKS offers a number of study programmes at Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. A list of study unit can be obtained from the pages describing each particular study programme. The Faculty brings together a cadre of resident and visiting faculty who contribute their diverse views, skills and knowledge to promote a research and provide students with an array of experiences. You can access information about faculty persons and their areas of specialisation within each separate department. As you browse our website, please feel free to contact us should you require further information. * Currently operating as a Unit until the on-going recruiting and capacity building process is completed.