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Title: A book printed in Malta on the Sicilian Revolution of 1848
Other Titles: Malta and Mazzini
Authors: Ganado, Albert
Keywords: Italy -- History -- Revolution of 1848
Malta -- History -- British occupation, 1800-1964
Printing -- Malta
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Malta Historical Society
Citation: Ganado, A. (2007). A book printed in Malta on the Sicilian Revolution of 1848. In S. Mercieca (Ed.), Malta and Mazzini, proceedings of History Week 2005 (pp. 175-194). Msida: The Malta Historical Society.
Abstract: think it is true to say that few people realize how closely the history of Malta was interwoven with the Italian Risorgimento. Without delving deeply into the parallel history of Malta and the Italian states for practically half a century, one cannot fully appreciate the immense contribution Malta gave toward the achievement of the unification of Italy, and the considerable influence of the Risorgimento on Maltese politics. Malta's input took firm root and flourished as soon as the freedom of the press was granted by the colonial government (Ordinance IV of 1839) after almost four decades of absolute censorship and government monopoly of printing. Throughout this long period the claims of the Maltese for the abolition of censorship were consistently refused notwithstanding Charles Cameron's Proclamation of 15 July 1801, which solemnly declared that "His Majesty grants you full protection, and the enjoyment of all your dearest rights". When all these rights were denied to the Maltese by his successor as Civil Commissioner, Sir Alexander Ball (1802-1809), an agent in London, John Richards, was appointed by the Maltese leaders to represent them with His Majesty's Ministers. In their Instructions to Richards, dated 28 February 1810 in furtherance of those of 1806, they asked him to request the restitution of their dearest rights, the principal ones being a free representation of the people, independent tribunals and "a free press, but not licentious, nor offensive to religion". A petition to His Majesty, signed by about 100 prominent citizens, repeated the same demands, while condemning Ball's despotism.
ISBN: 9789993205746
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