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Title: Is a painted icon monastic?
Authors: Attard, Mario
Keywords: Christian art and symbolism
Monastic and religious life
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Theology
Citation: Attard, M. (2001). Is a painted icon monastic?. Melita Theologica, 52(2), 197-204.
Abstract: Nowadays we are witnessing a phenomenon in the christian west: there is a renewed interest in icons. It is, as if unconsciously, the west is realising how far it has gone, and how urgent it is to go back to its origins and roots. This paper will be briefly investigating the question whether an icon is monastic, and if it is, what makes it so? What I shall be doing is, first and foremost, endeavouring to explain what do we mean by an icon and monasticism, and then I shall be trying to see how they converge. It is hoped that this limited study would contribute, towards its end, to the healing of today's western malady: a broken self.
Appears in Collections:MT - Volume 52, Issue 2 - 2001
MT - Volume 52, Issue 2 - 2001

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