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Title: ''You cannot pick grapes from thorns" : Saint Augustine's imagery - archaeological evidence and spiritual meaning
Authors: Drobner, Hubertus
Keywords: Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
Spiritual formation -- Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
Archaeology and religion
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Theology
Citation: Drobner, H. (2000). ''You cannot pick grapes from thorns": Saint Augustine's imagery - archaeological evidence and spiritual meaning. Melita Theologica, 51(1), 25-37.
Abstract: In sermon 17,7 Augustine speaks of the fragility of human life and compares it to the fragility of glass: "Aren't we in fact more fragile than if we were made of glass? After all, even if glass is fragile, it lasts a long time if it is preserved, and you find goblets that belonged to grandfathers and great-grandfathers, from which grandsons and great-grandsons are drinking today. Such fragility, if protected, can reach a great age. But as for us human beings, not only do we walk around in our fragility among so many daily hazards, but even if sudden accidents do not happen, we are still not capable of living a long time."
ISSN: 10129588
Appears in Collections:MT - Volume 51, Issue 1 - 2000
MT - Volume 51, Issue 1 - 2000

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