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Inside/Outside Schools helps the reader grapple With the fundamental sociological insight that the study of education cannot be divorced from the study of society, and particularly from the study of the structures of power that make up that society. The book elaborates on this theme in three ways. The first section provides an overview of the major concepts that contribute to the articulation of a critical sociology of education. The concepts are explored in relation to struggles over the definition of educational practice in Malta, as this developed from the 19th century up to the post-colonial era. Particular attention is given to the relationship between politics and education in contemporary Malta. The second section of the book presents ten ethnographic studies that illustrate some of the most problematic issues that mark Malta's school systems today. The chapters draw on the insights of critical sociology and critical pedagogy in order to explore the significance of the empirical data they portray, and to suggest alternative ways of approaching such themes as streaming, assessment, absenteeism, cultural difference, private schools, the reproduction of gender stereotypes, the experience of working class students in schools, and the socialisation of students into specific world views. The third and final section invites educators to consider the implications of such analyses for the development of a critical educational practice. It is argued that teachers cannot but be political, and that as transformative intellectuals they should engage the 'what is' of school and social life in order to promote the 'what could' and 'what should' be. Teachers are invited to emulate the two outstanding Maltese educators to whom the book is dedicated - Manwel Dimech and Dun Gorg Preca - and to strive to make a positive difference in classrooms, schools, and the public sphere more generally by promoting equitable and democratic forms of life.

Inside/Outside Schools : towards a critical sociology of education in Malta

Edited by: Dr. Ronald G. Sultana

Immanuel Mifsud

Tania Cachia

Ruth Mansueto

Noel Mifsud

Daniela Cilia

Sonia Borg

Tania Gatt

Denise Mula

Jacqueline Rotin

Josephine Mallia

Mario Mallia

Denise Chircop

Charles Grima

Simone Galea

Desmond Zammit-Marmara

Published by Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG)

Published in 1997

Copyright © R. G. Sultana 1997

ISBN:· 99909-0-083-3

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A voice in the wilderness : Manwel Dimech and the education of the Maltese proletariatZammit-Marmara, Desmond
1997Maltese teachers and the politics of engagementGalea, Simone
1997Dun Gorg Preca and the democratisation of knowledgeSultana, Ronald G.
1997Teachers and the struggle for democracy : educators as political actorsSultana, Ronald G.
1997Why some working class children succeed at schoolGrima, Charles
1997Towards a critical sociology of educationSultana, Ronald G.
1997Voting with their feet : students and absenteeismChircop, Denise
1997The brightest and the best? Reproducing elites in a Maltese schoolMifsud, Immanuel
1997Breaking them in : schooling for work in MaltaMallia, Josephine; Mallia, Mario
1997Do students 'choose' or are they channelled? On myths and realitiesRotin, Jacqueline
1997Parents, daughters and education : when gender makes a differenceGatt, Tania; Mula, Denise
1997'State schools? Whatever for?!' Why some parents prefer private schoolsCilia, Daniela; Borg, Sonia
1997‘Bottomless buckets’ : the experience of students in low-streamed classesCachia, Tania
1997The education of rural children : cultural differences in 'monocultural' Malta?Mifsud, Noel
1997Examinations and stress : childhood and education subvertedMansueto, Ruth
1997The left and the right in educational policy-makingMifsud, Immanuel
1997IntroductionSultana, Ronald G.
1997Educational development in post-colonial MaltaSultana, Ronald G.
1997Education as struggleSultana, Ronald G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19