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Title: Editorial [Antae, Vol.5(2)] 
Authors: Aquilina, Aaron
Keywords: Editorials
Death in literature
Future life in literature
Life and death, Power over
Issue Date: 2018-06
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of English
Citation: Aquilina, A. (2018). Editorial. Antae Journal, 5(2), 128-131.
Abstract: When you survive, you are supposed to tell people about it. As the idiom goes, one lives to tell the tale. It seems, then, that we are not only storytellers compelled by life and its complex vitalities, but ones also intrigued by death. Death emerges not only as the culmination of a story—after Shakespeare’s tragic fifth act, there is no sixth—but the beginning of a new one. As such, we might be compelled to talk of things that start from the end. Epitaphs, photographs and suicide notes may not only be remnants of a closed chapter, but a means of survival, troubling the all too clear dichotomy between life and death that we have become accustomed to. So too monuments, literature, drama, music, film, paintings, inventions. All of us die but, somehow, we live on. How do we survive death?
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Antae Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2

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