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Title: The Franciscan Capuchin Brotherhood as an example of consecrated communion
Authors: Attard, Mario
Keywords: Monasticism and religious orders
Brothers (Religious)
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Theology
Citation: Attard, M. (2005). The Franciscan Capuchin Brotherhood as an example of consecrated communion. Melita Theologica, 56(2), 13-50.
Abstract: As both her history and dogma show, the Church has always been aware that she is the community of the Risen Lord. Starting from the first portrait of the primitive Christian community as shown in chapter 2 in the book of the Acts of the Apostles till the present day models of Church, one can see a whole series of expressions of ecclesial communion, among which one of the most privileged, powerful and ancient expression is undoubtedly the fraternal communion of consecrated life. This demonstrates that ecclesial and consecrated communion not only predate the Franciscan Capuchin brotherhood, but are also its inspiration, life and goal. In view of such understanding two questions need to be clarified. First, what vision does the Church give to the Franciscan Capuchin brotherhood in her pronouncements on consecrated life? Second, how has that vision been taken up, assimilated and lived by the Capuchin fraternity? In order to address these questions, this article, which is also a part of the author's Licentiate dissertation entitled The Franciscan Capuchin Charism of Brotherhood, is being divided in two parts. In the first part, a brief and concise presentation of the Church's vision of the concept of brotherhood within the context of consecrated life will be given. In the second part, the author will be giving concrete proposals as to how this ideal of consecrated communion can be lived within the Franciscan Capuchin brotherhood.
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MT - Volume 56, Issue 2 - 2005

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