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Title: Vocational education and training and employment services in Malta
Authors: Sultana, Ronald G.
Spiteri, Anna
Ashton, David Norman
Schoner, Ulrike
Keywords: Education -- Malta
Vocational education -- Malta
Employment agencies -- Malta
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
Citation: Sultana, R. G., Spiteri, A., Ashton, D. N., & Schöner, U. (2002). Vocational education and training and employment services in Malta. A European Training Foundation monograph. Luxembourg.
Abstract: This country monograph is the result of a request from the European Commission (Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs) in the context of the Employment Policy Reviews launched by the latter in the future member states in 1999. According to this request, the key aim of the country monographs is to provide up-to-date, detailed information and analysis on the vocational education and training systems and structures as well as on the public and private employment services in order to support the monitoring of the Joint Assessment Papers of Employment Priorities (JAP). This analysis is considered to provide a useful input enabling the future member states and the European Commission to identify the most important needs and gaps. In particular, the analysis aims at providing: (1) an instrument to assess the progress made by the countries to increase the responsiveness of their education and training systems to labour market needs; this assessment is addresses particularly the challenges and priorities related to the development of lifelong learning; (2) a tool to assess the effectiveness of the public and private employment services to assist both young and adult unemployed people and those threatened by unemployment to enter the labour market; and (3) a basis for positioning the development trends of these systems in relation to those in EU member states. The work has been conducted by a team of national, EU and ETF experts, under the responsibility of the European Training Foundation (ETF) and with the support of the Employment Training Corporation (ETC). The method of work combined the use of desk research and field visits in the capital and also in some selected regions. The final document has been prepared by the European Training Foundation and therefore, reflects primarily an ETF viewpoint. The preparation of the monographs has also benefited from a close consultation process with representatives of the national authorities. The latter were informed about this work right from the beginning of the process and they were invited to provide their opinion on the final draft. In addition, a seminar was organised on 27 September 2002 in Brussels with the aim of presenting and discussing the documents with the national authorities of the future member states as well as with the European Commission. This monograph also reflects the outcomes of this seminar and further discussions and comments from the country. The document makes use of quantitative indicators from international institutions as well as national sources. As discussed during the 27 September meeting, it should be acknowledged that in relation to indicators used in the EU, some data are still missing, while others might refer to different realities. Therefore, figures must be interpreted with caution, taking into account that statistics should be complemented by more qualitative assessments. Further analytical work will be needed to improve the picture and in particular the positioning of developments in the country towards developments in the EU.
ISBN: 9291572977
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