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Title: The application of operational research in developing countries
Authors: Galea, C. T.
Keywords: Operations research
Research -- Developing countries
Economic development -- Developing countries
Management science
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy
Citation: Galea, C. T. (1985). The application of operational research in developing countries. Economic and Social Studies (New Series), 2, 26-32.
Abstract: In the past century the developed countries have undergone two technological or industrial revolutions: the first involved mechanization (the use of machines to replace man as a source of physical work), and the second involved automation (the use of machines and computers to :r:eplace man as source of mental work, as source of control). Many developing countries are still in the early stages of the process of mechanization and have yet to make a real start in the process of automation. they will have to make rapid strides in both processes in order to bridge the gap between them and the developed countries, or even to prevent the gap from widening. Either of the two processes requires not only technological knowledge, but also managerial capability to utilize such knowledge effectively. For all developing countries the advent of planned development invariably entailed new tasks beyond the administrative capabilities of their governments. Only a few administrators in these countries have the opportunity to keep abreast of new Operational Research Techniques. This is certainly one of the main reasons why Operational Research has up to the present not been very successful in helping developing countries.
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Economic and Social Studies (New Series), Volume 2, 1985

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