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Title: Connected car data collection
Authors: Zammit, Luca
Keywords: Automobiles -- Automatic control
Mobile communication systems
Automotive telematics
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Zammit, L. (2018). Connected car data collection (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Nowadays vehicles have become hosts for an enormous amount of technology which eases the use and control of the vehicle. This technology involves sensory technology, computational technology, and technology to interface with the user. Therefore it can be noted that through the increasing integration of technology, vehicles are becoming progressively more autonomous. Automation of vehicles is becoming a very popular and important topic of discussion and implementations for such systems are already being tested, example Waymo which is Google’s self-driving car project. This project aims at a lower level of automation, where an initial vehicle is controlled either by a human in the case of a fully fledged car or truck, or by a remote control in case of a robot vehicle or a simple electronic transportation device, whilst a chain of other vehicles are controlled through wireless communication amongst the vehicles. Thus this can create an inexpensive solution to vehicle automation for specific situations such as traffic. Moreover this implementation is extremely useful in situations where vehicles need to follow each other, example to follow the same road or to carry items to the same location, since it allows for this to happen without the need for humans to be present to control the subsequent vehicles. Due to costs the project aims at controlling simple robotic vehicles that are inexpensive and easier to control, however the ideas still stand for larger vehicles. The main tasks are sending data between the remote control, the first vehicle and the second vehicle, and controlling the vehicles so that they follow each other.
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