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Title: Youth : transmission and commitment
Authors: Mintoff, Dijonisju
Keywords: Education and state -- Malta
Economic development -- Malta
Youth -- Services for -- Malta
Youth development -- Malta
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: Students' Representative Council
Citation: Mintoff, D. (1976). Youth : transmission and commitment. Journal of Educational Affairs, 2(1), 61-63.
Abstract: Malta has a youthful population. More than 35% of its 300,000 population are under 20 and 60% below the age of 25. In a country where there is complete absence of natural resources, the human resources are the only asset Malta can rely upon in national development. And it is again st this background that the Republic of Malta's policy on youth is shaped. It is the aim of the government to provide for the development of every young person so that he will be able to realize as full a life as possible regardless of his family's economic background and status. Malta recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive youth services in education and training, health and social welfare, employment as well as general welfare. Recently measures have been taken to nurture the youth into responsible and dedicated citizens of the country by entrusting them with the right to vote at the age of eighteen. The vestiges of centuries of colonial experiences are no longer curbing our youths from a relaxed, active participation in politics. So Malta has brought out new strength, dynamism, hope and self assurance. It has weakened the clash mentality between generation - it has narrowed the generation gap, that stopped the outlets to their talents. There will be a new sense of equality and thus a readiness to respect and understand the views and aspirations of all.
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Journal of Educational Affairs, volume 2, issue 1

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