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Title: Accidental science
Authors: Xuereb, Andre
Cameron, Sara
Keywords: Quantum theory
Quantum entanglement
Earthquakes -- Detection
Discoveries in science
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Cameron, S. (2018). Accidental science. THINK Magazine, 25, 23-27
Abstract: Some of science's greatest accomplishments were achieved when no one was looking with a purpose. When studying a petri dish of bacterial cultures, Alexander Fleming had no intention of discovering penicillin, and yet he changed the course of human history. Henri Becquerel was trying to make the most of dwindling sunlight to expose photographic plates using uranium when he stumbled upon radioactivity. A chance encounter between a chocolate bar in Percy Spencer's pocket and the radar machine that melted it sparked the invention of the household microwave.
ISSN: 23060735
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Think Magazine, Issue 25
Think Magazine, Issue 25

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