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Title: The Genesis of the conciliar statements regarding the Muslims
Authors: Farrugia, Joseph
Keywords: Islam -- Relations -- Christianity
Christianity and other religions -- Islam
Qurʼan -- Relation to the Bible
Islam -- Relations -- Catholic Church
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Theology
Citation: Farrugia, J. (1989). The Genesis of the conciliar statements regarding the Muslims. Melita Theologica, 40(1), 1-26.
Abstract: Nowadays it is no longer surprising to read about Christians and Muslims assembling for encounters in friendship, committing themselves to search for mutual understanding and uttering words of reciprocal appreciation if not, indeed, admiration. People have come to expect to hear formerly unheard of protestations of esteem and respect issuing from both the Islamic and Christian sides engaged in inter-faith dialogue. Catholics have become accustomed to learn about the Holy Father welcoming exponents of the Islamic religion and calling upon the Catholic faithful to emulate their Muslim neighbours in their sincere devotion to God and in the firmness of their commitment to live in consonance with their religious beliefs. Nevertheless, if one were to look back over the fourteen centuries or so of Christian-Muslim history, one would realize with astonishment how far we have come. Throughout these centuries the prevailing attitude of both religious towards one another was one of mutual disregard with spasmodic episodes of violent polemics and even open hostilities. Misunderstandings, misjudgements and mistrust were the order of the day, that is, of each day. Then, about twenty-five years ago, the wholly unexpected happened.
Appears in Collections:MT - Volume 40, Issue 1 - 1989
MT - Volume 40, Issue 1 - 1989

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