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Title: A scientist and a linguist board a helicopter
Authors: Mathieson, Amanda
Keywords: Communication in science
Communication in learning and scholarship
Diffusion of innovations
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Mathieson, A. (2018). A scientist and a linguist board a helicopter. THINK Magazine, 24, 11.
Abstract: A scientist and a linguist board a helicopter, and the scientist says to the linguist, 'What is the cornerstone of civilisation, science or language?' It might sound like the opening line of a joke, but it's actually from the opening sequence of the film Arrival (2016). In the film, aliens have landed on our doorstep, and our scientist and linguist have been chosen as suitable emissaries to establish contact. The scientist, perhaps wishing to size up his new colleague, then poses the question. Whose field has been more important to the advancement of the human race? Science or language?
ISSN: 23060735
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Think Magazine, Issue 24

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