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Title: Paul’s journey from Salamis to Derbe : missionary aspect
Authors: Mulholland, James
Keywords: Paul, the Apostle, Saint -- Travel
Mission of the church
Evangelistic work -- Catholic Church
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Mulholland, J. (2018). Paul’s journey from Salamis to Derbe : missionary aspect (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: The dissertation aims to provide the reader with the historical and social setting of Paul’s first voyage with a broader spectrum. It will investigate Paul’s encounter with various communities, the various religious beliefs, and Jewish and pagan cultures that were present in his era. The purpose of this dissertation is to illustrate the reader with a better understanding of the life and works of Paul’s first voyage with a backdrop of a firstcentury setting. At the opening of the study, the reader will find a brief history of Paul’s journey from a Pharisee to his conversion, following a summary of his three major missionary journeys with his achievements. Furthermore, the reader is then submitted with some brief information about the diversity of pagan cults that were active in Paul’s times, including certain religions that Paul might have encountered during his lifetime. The following chapter focuses on the places Paul had visited, their cultures, and their historical background which could have influenced Paul’s missionary journey. This chapter focuses on Roman, Jewish, Greek and pagan cultures and also on historical events that were recorded by ancient historians such as Josephus and Strabo and other vital documents. Adding to this information is a series of commentaries from biblical and archaeological scholars which provide vital clues and information in the firstcentury setting. Archaeological discoveries excavated in these various ancient towns in Cyprus and Turkey have shed light on the relevant information on the social lives in the times of Paul. The whole data is necessary for one to come to a hypothesis and to understand certain behaviour, strategy and complexity Paul had to undertake in various cities that he visited. Therefore, the whole objective of this research is to bring the reader closer to the reality of the first-century everyday life.
Description: B.A.(HONS)THEOLOGY
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