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Title: A plea for the restoration of Baroque and theatrical elements in the liturgy
Authors: Serracino-Inglott, Peter
Keywords: Art, Baroque
Liturgical drama
Liturgical reform
Church architecture
Art, Baroque -- Malta -- Periodicals
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: University of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies
Citation: Serracino lnglott, P. (2001, December). A plea for the restoration of Baroque and theatrical elements in the liturgy. Baroque Routes Newsletter, 3, 11-13.
Abstract: Let me begin by making it absolutely clear that I think that the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council was overdue and, on the whole, was an excellent achievement. I am in no way in favour of a return to the liturgy of Pope Pius V, although (as a person born, resident, and intending to die in Valletta, the city which is very indebted to him for its coming into existence) I have reason to be grateful to that Pope. There are, however, some aspects of the liturgy which have been greatly impoverished by Vatican reforms, in consequence, I suspect, of the desire to eliminate from it anything that smacked of the theatrical and the baroque. The positive motivation of this antibaroque and anti-theatrical purge was the greater involvement and participation of the people. Today, thirty years afterwards, it is clear that the opposite result has come about the certain crucially important instances.
Description: This paper was delivered at the symposium on Baroque Theatre during the Manoel Baroque Festival in May 2001 (vide pp8-9)
Appears in Collections:Baroque Routes Newsletter, No.03, 2001

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