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The Faculty of Science was established in 1915 and, apart from a brief interlude in the early 1980’s when it was dissolved, has continued to fulfil its primary roles of teaching and research by producing some excellent Maltese and international science graduates, and numerous high calibre research publications. The Faculty consists of five departments, each offering a range of study-units at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The main undergraduate programme offered is the four-year joint honours B.Sc. degree course, where students can choose a combination of two subject areas offered by Faculty of Science departments as well as some departments from other Faculties. In addition, some departments are offering single-subject three-year degree courses. All departments have active research programmes in various fields of specialisation and also offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes associated with the research interests of the academic body. In addition, several academic staff members are involved in national and international research projects, sometimes in association with industry. Some Departments are also responsible for rendering essential specialised services at the national level. For example, the Physics Department runs the only seismographic station on the Maltese Islands and is also responsible for running the GAW station on Gozo, while the Department of Biology is responsible for the Argotti Botanical Gardens.