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Title: Postumus
Authors: Busuttil, Joseph
Keywords: Inscriptions, Latin -- Malta
Gozo (Malta) -- In literature
Malta -- Antiquities
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Arts
Citation: Busuttil, J. (1976). Postumus. Journal of the Faculty of Arts, 6(3), 278-282.
Abstract: Latin inscriptions of the first and second centuries A.D. record the existence of a municipium on the island of Gozo. There was a civitas or city enjoying a certain measure of autonomy and with an assembley of the citizens. The representatives of the citizens were the decurions who met regularly in the Council or Curia. A number of public officials were in charge of the administration. A municipal priesthood was also in existence. At the head of the list of Decuriones were put the names of the Patroni of the municipium: they' were influential and wealthy persons, usually of senatorial or equestrian rank, who were adopted by the Decuriones to form part of the municipal curia as honorary members. They made frequent visits to Rome and to the Emperor in order to take up the case of the people, of whom they were patroni. The municipal authorities had statues erected in their honour in the forum of the city. A Gozitan inscription of the second century A.D. records the services of a certain Postumus, the Patronus of the Gozitan municipium.
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Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Volume 6, Issue 3

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