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Title: The changing status of women in Malta
Authors: O'Reilly Mizzi, Sibyl
Keywords: Women -- Malta -- History
Fertility, Human -- Malta
Marriage -- Malta
Mate selection -- Malta
Issue Date: 1977
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Arts
Citation: O'Reilly Mizzi, S. (1977). The changing status of women in Malta. Journal of the Faculty of Arts, 6(4), 253-263.
Abstract: Change in the status and role of women is indicative of overall change within a society. By status I mean, the collection of rights and duties, associated with polar positions in a pattern of reciprocal behavior, while roles are the dynamic aspect of status, the putting into effect of its rights and duties. Each society can be viewed as a balanced collection of statuses and roles interwoven into a particular cultural pattern. Change comes to a ┬Ěsociety when the cultural pattern IS altered. This can happen in two ways: (1) the number of statuses within a society can either be increased or decreased thus changing the pattern, for example, the status of midwife and the Status of marriage broker have both disappeared from Maltese society while there are many new technical statuses not in existence 100 years ago. (2) Through time the behaviors associated with a particular status and viewed as acceptable by the society in question can change. It is this change, the alteration of behavioral patterns with which I am concerned at this time.
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Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Volume 6, Issue 4

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