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Title: University students : the divide between assessment methods and learning aspirations
Authors: Azzopardi, Rose Marie
Keywords: Education, Higher -- Methodology
Knowledge economy
Learning ability
Individualized instruction
Teaching -- Aids and devices
Learning, Psychology of
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of Teaching and Education
Citation: Azzopardi, R. M. (2016). University students : the divide between assessment methods and learning aspirations. Journal of Teaching and Education, 5(1), 343-350.
Abstract: This paper looks at students' learning aspirations and the type of knowledge they would like to gain during the time they invest on their tertiary education. Learning styles questionnaires have been developed to take into consideration the way different people learn, because not all students are the same: some do their utmost to learn from their courses; others cram before exams but do not appear interested during lectures; others only appear for their first and last lectures; and yet others just seem to patiently see the course through with no real effort put into it. If a lecturer really wants to ensure that his/her students are meeting their learning aspirations, can different assessment methods have diverse results. Which assessment methods best meets the learning aspiration of students? The aim of this paper is to evaluate the connection between different assessment methods and the students' learning aspirations. Results from the empirical analysis show that assignments provide students with the best opportunity for learning as it shows their aptitude in various ways: capacity to do research, to be innovative in their answers, integrate what they have learned during lectures and present work that goes beyond cut and paste material. Students appreciate feedback, while engagement in class can be used to improve learning results.
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