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The Department of Geography within the Faculty of Arts offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. The undergraduate course has five interrelated components: physical geography, human geography, research, technical and fieldwork skills, environmental and spatial management. The fifth dimension is the use of IT skills, these include: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Aerial Photography Interpretation, Geographic Positioning Systems. Cartography and Cartometry are additional skills forming part of the first year curriculum. There is a strong Mediterranean component in most of the study-units taught to tally with the Institute’s mission of promoting regional studies on the area. However the global situations and physical and human scenarios are included together with examples and case studies from the Maltese Islands. Fieldwork forms a substantial part of the course and most study-units carry a field practical element which is very popular with students. This gives the opportunity for participants to work in groups and map and evaluate the urban, rural and coastal environments. The Department forms part of the Erasmus Exchange programme with links with ten European Universities, the most prominent being the Universities of Modena, Portsmouth and Liverpool Hope and Loughborough in the UK. A number of foreign lecturers visit the department every year and carry out research with staff members and deliver lectures in the undergraduate programme. The international recognition of the level of the undergraduate programme can be seen through the increasing numbers accepted to post-graduate courses in leading European, especially British, universities. Geology, Geomorphology, GIS, Urban Planning and Regeneration, Hydrology and Water Studies, Health Management are some of the taught courses completed successfully abroad. To date a number of graduates have also completed doctorates. The Department is serviced by four full-time academic staff and two part-timers. The research component of the staff members of the Department deals with coastal geomorphology, transport policy, coastal management and the rural environment and staff attend conferences on a regular basis in Malta and abroad and publish papers in local and foreign journals. Students choosing to follow geography as an area of study will also find the very active University of Malta Geographical Society which is run by students who organize academic and other activities on a regular basis.


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