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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The cancer patient’s lived experience of the health system in MaltaGalea Curmi, Christina (2019)
2019Real-time PCR assay for the quantification of RNA transcripts involved in the control of globin gene switchingButtigieg, Michaela (2019)
2019Protein based approach to identify key players in the control of globin gene switchingMangion, Sharon (2019)
2019Our worst nightmare : the couples’ lived experiences of miscarriageLeontijevic, Maja
2019Nurses’ attitudes towards trauma-informed care at the state psychiatric hospital in MaltaCilia Vincenti, Sarah (2019)
2019Comparison of long-term results of lower limb bypass grafts using autogenous vein and prosthetic graftsNolan, Michael James
2019Assessing and improving the ticket of referral to a national vascular clinicGalea, Dorianne
2019Investigating the need for further ultrasound follow-up scans after radiofrequency ablation of the great saphenous veinHili, Martina
2019Evaluation of International Ovarian Tumour Analysis Simple Rules and Risk of Malignancy Index to distinguish benign and malignant adnexal masses in the local scenarioZammit Zerafa, Christine
2019A study on the correlation between endometrial thickness and pattern and embryo implantation in patients undergoing an In Vitro Fertilisation cycle at a local general hospitalGauci Grech, Heidi
2019Doppler assessment of uterine artery blood flow in women with spontaneous unexplained recurrent early pregnancy lossFelice, Nicholas
2019The diagnostic accuracy of fetal cardiac anomaly scans to postnatal cardiac defectsVassallo, Marie Claire
2019Fetal anomaly ultrasound screening : knowledge and expectations in Maltese pregnant women and health professionalsSammut, Lara
2019Investigation of post-menopausal bleeding : which ultrasound features are most helpful?Montanaro-Gauci, Michele
2019Ultrasound ergonomics : scanning techniques leading to work-related musculoskeletal disordersMifsud, Melanie
2019Using the claustrophobia questionnaire to pre-detect claustrophobia in MRI patients and assess its financial impact in a state general hospital in MaltaSaliba, Roberta
2019Radiographers’ knowledge about MRI safety : impact of an educational interventionMifsud Buhagiar, Eleanor
2019Evaluation of age, anti-Müllerian hormone, and antral follicle count as predictors of response to treatment in assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles in a Maltese populationCassar, Olivia Anne
2019Radiographers' practice and perceptions of gonad shielding in paediatric pelvic radiography at a general hospitalMuscat, Jean-Luc
2019Nutritional support in cancer patients : radiographers’ perceptions and confidenceDimitrova, Angelina Yurieva
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 87

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