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Title: The nurse is present : a review exploring the temporality of illness through presence and narrative, an artist's perspective
Authors: Baldacchino, Pamela
Keywords: Clinical health psychology
Health -- Psychological aspects
Mental health services
Medicine -- Research -- Methodology
Issue Date: 2015-05
Publisher: Malta Journal of Health Sciences
Citation: Malta Journal of Health Sciences. 2015, Vol.2(1), p. 2-8
Abstract: “Illness works to deform and distort all the meaning and value one gives to one’s life” (Ahlzén, 2011, p.325). A feeling of terminal loss is experienced within the physical body as chaos floods the brain. Even language is incapable of fully addressing the internal tension that comes with illness, because it strives to make articulate the unpresentable or the abject. This review is directed towards analysing the experience of embodiment in illness, one’s relation to the self and to others, all within a particular context such as a place of constraint (hospital) or exchange (museum). The mediation between care and art practice, in fact, allows for the emergence of similar states that fluctuate between closeness and distance and between the unpresentable and the presentable as they enter in a process of dialogue. Such states allow the nurse and the artist to engage freely with the Other in a space defined by the intensity of the present moment and its assimilation through the path of narrativity. An empathic audio-visual tool called Sanctuary was created to serve a narrative, the ill person’s narrative. It is presented in the form of a visor which allows the viewer to enter a ‘bunker-like’ space. An empathic encounter with the self, aims to be triggered through the process of participation in the artwork. The play of tension within a restorative, sheltering space is followed with planned empathic dialogue between the nurse and the ill person.
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MJHS, Volume 2, Issue 1
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