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"Does Europe have a collective future, or will the coming years be marked by increasingly incoherent developments within the heterogeneous EU? There is no denying that the second decade of this century has seen a strong mood shift away from the inter-dependence and concerted actions that guided Europe’s national governments since the end of World War II, and then since the fall of the Berlin Wall. What connections, if any, are there between the paroxysms of Brexit in the UK and the varying shades of populism in continental Europe? The common denominator may simply be the painful economic pressures resulting from waning global competitiveness. It is clear that the high ideals of the European project no longer exert the same political pull. The EU’s dreams of progressing almost seamlessly from a trading zone to a shared political economy are not being realised. Where are the convergence policies that would exert centripetal rather than centrifugal forces? Where is the appetite for reforms leading to political union, and whatever happened to the idea of Europeans speaking with one voice? If the EU continues along its present path, the verdict of history may well be that it achieved little more than the welter of regulations needed to ensure trade flows. In geopolitical terms, Europe as a major player on the world stage may have been an illusion largely created by aggregating national statistics." Giles Merritt.

Mark Harwood

Stefano Moncada

Roderick Pace

Published by the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta.

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First published in 2020

Copyright © The Institute for European Studies, University of Malta, 2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The future of the European Union : demisting the debateHarwood, Mark; Moncada, Stefano; Pace, Roderick
2020EU integration and policy (in)coherence towards irregular migrationPetroni, Nadia
2020The steps from Dublin III to Dublin IVMatera, Amelia Martha
2020Towards a ‘Cyber Maastricht’ : two steps forward, one step backKasper, Agnes; Vernygora, Vlad Alex
2020The future of EU defence and inter-parliamentary co-operationPace, Roderick
2020EU cybersecurity governance – stakeholders and normative intentions towards integrationKasper, Agnes
2020The future of European security and defence : keeping the Americans in?Cassar, Valentina
2020The Arab Spring and the Post-Arab Spring (2011-19) : an assessment of the European responseKhader, Bichara
2020The EU’s role in the world trading systemPomfret, Richard W. T.
2020The future of Europe : the view from Strasbourg during the ‘Future of Europe’ debateHarwood, Mark
2020The future of the EU in Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union speechesCachia, Jean Claude
2020Portrait of a union : redrawing a sketch of the wholeChryssochoou, Dimitris N.
2020Decoupling and federalizing : Europe after the multiple crisesFabbrini, Sergio
2020Europe’s lifelong companion? The debate on the future of EuropePace, Roderick; Harwood, Mark; Moncada, Stefano
2020Foreword : European integration's extended gestation : forever half-pregnantMerritt, Giles
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15