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Title: Basel II disclosure requirements and their impact on Maltese banks and their stakeholders
Authors: Farrugia, Rachel
Keywords: Basel II (2004)
Banks and banking -- Malta
Disclosure in accounting
Financial statements
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Purpose: The objective of this study is to analyse the disclosure requirements of Banking Rule BR/07/2011 as brought about by the third Pillar of Basel II. It aims at identifying the financial implications that this rule has had on banks however it also seeks to obtain a stakeholder point of view. In this regard, this study assesses whether disclosures resulting from BR/07/2011 have been relevant to their users and whether its benefits outweigh the costs of their production. Design: The above goals were achieved through thirteen semi-structured personal interviews with bank officials and stockbrokers, the latter representing stakeholders. Findings: General observations emerging from this study include the fact that compliance costs seem to be greater for smaller banks whilst larger banks are able to derive greater benefits from additional disclosures. Stockbrokers are content with such ARDs as they provide complimentary information useful for assessing banks. However, comparability is hindered due exemptions being provided to subsidiary banks and Pillar 3 disclosures are still not sufficient for market discipline to be achieved. Conclusion: This study concludes that the benefits gained by stakeholders from the ARDs are in fact greater than the cost incurred by banks in preparing them. This is especially so for the quantitative aspects of the reports which have proved to be more fruitful to stockbrokers. A problem still remains that few stakeholders are using the ARDs as these may be seen by many as too complex and cumbersome to understand. Value: It is hoped that this study will create greater awareness on the increasing in importance of risk management and its disclosure in the banking industry. In particular, as recommended by this study, the general public should be educated on the topic at hand to create a more efficient financial market locally.
Description: B.ACCTY.(HONS)
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