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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Jaywalking : a punishable offence or a contributing factor?Zammit, Zachary (2020)
2020Detention of minors : an analysis of their rightsXuereb, Luana (2020)
2020Mitigating the risk of marriages of convenience : a case for genuine link in modern citizenship law?Xuereb, Justine (2020)
2020Criminal and non-criminal access to computer systems : a comparative analysisVella, Andreas (2020)
2020Liability in public events : the need for regulationTanti-Dougall, Mattea (2020)
2020Judicial interpretation of Maltese development planning law : eliciting the added valueMusumeci, Robert (2020)
2020The evolution of traditional capital markets through blockchainZammit, Lara (2020)
2020The fundamental human right to respect family life : parental alienation syndrome (PAS)Zahra, Amy (2020)
2020Legal implications of the deprivation of citizenship in the light of EU lawVella Farrugia, Mariah (2020)
2020The aftermath of the De Paule Band Club case : has the importance of court decisions and the rule of law been undermined?Vella, Steve (2020)
2020Minors refusing treatment : the law and public perception : with a special focus on life pro-longing treatmentVella, Ilona (2020)
2020Act XXVII of 2018 from various angles and perspectivesVella, Emma (2020)
2020How can the concept of bail evolve in our law?Vella, Danika Maria (2020)
2020Proof of obligations : nullity in the absence of formalities thereofVella, Annalisa (2020)
2020How should prostitution be regulated? : the application of foreign systems into our lawTabone, Gabriella (2020)
2020The effectiveness of the smuggling protocol in combatting contemporary challenges posed by the smuggling of migrants by sea : a Mediterranean perspectiveTabone, Donatienne (2020)
2020Refusal of life-prolonging treatment: the law and public perceptionSciberras, Neil (2020)
2020Open adoption in the light of the new Minor Protection (Alternative Care) Act : is it always in the best interest of the adopted child?Swain, Elena (2020)
2020The withdrawal of citizenship and its implications under international conventions on the prevention of statelessness, with special reference to the case of Shamima BegumSutton, Cristina Emily (2020)
2020Age and evolving capacity in child law : a critical analysisSpiteri, Rebekah (2020)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149

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