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The Department of Health Services Management within the Faculty of Health Sciences has been offering postgraduate courses, namely M.Sc. and Post Qualification Diploma (P.Q.D.) in Health Services Management since 1992. The Post Qualification Diploma was phased out and was last offered in October 2006. The courses in Health Services Management have consistently attracted a multidisciplinary cohort from the health care professions. The Department of Health Services Management aims to achieve excellence and to develop an international standing in education and research within the field of Health Services Management. The Department currently offers: part-time Master programmes in Health Services Management (Taught, Research) servicing to Departments within the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy collaboration with Universities of high standing worldwide. The M.Sc. in Health Services Management is intended to equip students with the business and strategic planning skills necessary to realise their management potential in shaping the future of health care. It is therefore intended to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive grounding in all the major management and leadership skills that health managers need to prepare them for progression to senior management. The students are challenged to not only learn to understand management skills and the language, concepts and the ways of thinking this involves, but also to develop their abilities to choose and investigate ideas, clarify, refine and explain, simplify and, above all, apply them to real life scenarios in the health service. This rigorous and comprehensive approach looks at what is currently happening in health care management, and the way it functions. Rather than adopting a text-book-bases approach towards teaching and learning, students are encouraged to present journal articles and case studies on the theoretical components. All teaching is centred on the participants communicating and working together, just as they do in the real work combined with the practical applications of new knowledge and skills to work-based situations. The M.Sc. utilizes an evidence-based approach drawn from the most recent research and practice in health sector leadership and management. Departmental Staff: The Department of Health Services Management includes three resident academic members of staff, five visiting academic members of staff and two part-time research support officers. All members of staff are qualified professionals in the field of health services management.


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