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Title: Spirituality in the wake of post-modernity and mysticism
Authors: Sciberras, Beverly Joyce
Keywords: Mysticism -- Catholic Church
Spirituality -- Christianity
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: During my early childhood I had a very deep spiritual experience; however, I was raised in a non-religious environment and therefore felt adrift, unable to talk about my experience or this incredible awareness that was now part of me. I did know that my father was a man of wisdom and understanding, yet somehow, could not talk to him on this subject, until it overwhelmed me. Finally I did ask my father the question that burnt within me; ‘I have to know who this Jesus is?’ I was somewhat fearful of the response as I did not want to upset my father or have my inquiry ignored, he did not. He simply took my little hand in his looked me in the face and said, ‘well if that is the case then you better read the Bible’. I had no idea what a Bible was, all I knew was that if I had to read it then it was a book, and where I could find this book I had no idea. I was two weeks away from my 5th birthday when this occurred, and this to me came to be the first known sign in my life’s journey. On my 5th birthday I received as a gift a Bible, and hence for me what began then was an incredible journey which was thwart with love and hate, conflict and tragedy, joy and redemption, light and darkness, it is a spiritual journey. During my adolescence years and early adult life I found my humanity and spirituality, where as if at war. Peace and harmony seem to conflict with my human reality. I found myself asking one question, ‘Did I want to be human or did I want to be spiritual?’ This raised many questions for me. ‘What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be Spiritual? This is a quest I still follow today, to seek knowledge and to understand. Now I have experience, guidance and a far better understanding of human life. Being human is what I am, and living as a human being has provided me with the utilities and needs that sustained my life. However I am also more than just a biological functioning being and it was through spirituality I came to understand the ‘transcendental’ aspect of life that carried me forward, inspired me, and gave me hope in the past, the present and tomorrow. In this paper I will attempt to highlight the manner in which spiritual is perceived today. Discuss and discern the different aspects of spirituality in post-modernity, define Christian Spirituality. I also draw on the principles of psychology and anthropology, and the historical and traditionally aspects. In part one, to be discussed human spirituality, in part two, to be discussed Christian Spirituality, and mysticism. I would like to state that in this paper I am giving a general overview of events that have occurred in the past century, drawing on the above scientific principles and theological thought.
Description: B.A.(HONS)THEOLOGY
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