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Title: The development of ceramic art in Malta
Authors: Aquilina, Oriana
Keywords: Ceramic sculpture
Pottery craft -- Malta
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Clay, a vivid mirror of personal emotions of daily lives of people, throughout history, tells the story of how man used clay both to create, express, worship and use as form of need, in daily lives of people. Clay has several unique abilities. The fact that it is plastic, it retains a permanent shape when fired at high levels of temperature, the ability to colour its surface when dried, the close attachment of molecules without leaving any pores, and the shrinking when fired in kilns, made it an ideal material for both craftsmen and artists to use throughout the ages. This theses, is intended to help the readers understand more the important development of ceramic art in Malta and also to offer relevant information regarding the medium. It could also analyse and gain an in-depth perspective on the historical and contemporary use of ceramic art in Malta. Involving myself directly in ceramic art enabled me to pass on the benefits of my experiences and to give an idea of how artists explore and go through the development of clay sculpting, how they solve arising problems, and perhaps what made them choose clay as a medium for their work. This thesis also focuses on both the traditional use of ceramics as an art, and the functional ceramic wares that have been considered as crafts. Re-search into the origins of this type of art, the search for clay sculptures in studios, museum, and art galleries, together with interviewing artists themselves, helped me to discover the importance of clay sculpting as a separate art form. The works which have been selected attempts to give a fair cross-section of the ceramicists output, or at least specify their particular style. The works that have been chosen are ideal selections, however most of the works are in private collections and However an extensive number of ceramic works had been studied and have a better understanding of the development and different stylistic achievement from all artists. To help understand the oeuvre of all local artists of great significance, together with fellow artists from abroad who came to the island and contributed to the local artistic scene, shed the progress towards a modern artistic achievement till contemporary time. The major texts are based on interviews, and articles from local newspaper, written by Louis Lagana and Joseph Paul Cassar. Broachers were also of great beneficial. TV. Programs, and reviews of exhibition catalogues were consulted, however to certain extend due to their lack in academic training.
Description: B.A.(HONS)HIST.OF ART
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