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Title: The application of online marketing techniques and e-commerce within the insurance industry : a study from the perspective of Maltese insurance companies and insurance brokers
Authors: Pisani, Ritienne
Keywords: Perception
Electronic commerce
Internet marketing
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The aims and goals of this dissertation were to determine how Maltese insurance companies and insurance brokers use online marketing techniques to promote their company and insurance products and services and how they have implemented an e-insurance system so as to distribute insurance products and services through the internet. The first part of this study sought to establish and evaluate the methods that local and foreign insurance companies and insurance brokers can use when adopting online marketing and distribution strategies. The research continued by analysing how Maltese insurance companies and brokers are implementing the existent online marketing techniques and to what extent they have automated the e-insurance system. Furthermore, the approach of customers of insurance companies and brokers towards the marketing and distribution of products online has been identified throughout the research. Although the focus of this study was on the application of online marketing techniques and e-commerce within the insurance institutions, the legal and security implications of adopting such strategies have also been taken into consideration. The findings from the secondary research showed that there exist alternative methods by which an insurance company or an insurance broker can promote its company and products and distribute through the internet. However, the outcome of the primary research conducted through interviews with professional people working in the Maltese insurance industry showed that insurance companies are now realising more the need to market insurance products online while, for insurance brokers, neither online nor traditional marketing techniques are effective since their target is to build a personal relationship with commercial iv clients. The first-hand research conducted through questionnaires distributed to the general public established that, due to cultural and geographical reasons, customers prefer direct communication with the insurance company or broker when purchasing insurance products. However, since these current trends are changing, insurance companies want to invest more in e-insurance systems. This research concluded that insurance companies and insurance brokers are still reluctant to enter into the era of these new technologies. Nevertheless, as throughout the years, the perception of customers towards the marketing and distribution of insurance products online has been changing and is becoming much more in favour of such strategies. Insurance companies and brokers are realising the need for an in-depth plan that leads them to new ways of marketing and distributing products.
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