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Title: The role of spirituality in ethical business leadership
Authors: Galea, Mark Anthony
Keywords: Corporate culture
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This study delineates the role that spirituality plays in the development and nurturing of ethical business leadership. The first chapter examines the vast leadership theories focusing on that leadership which is being perceived to be the way forward, namely transformational / authentic leadership. Subsequently, the second chapter discusses the relationship between ethics and leadership and will link transformational / authentic leadership to ethics. It will be argued that transformational / authentic leadership is most conducive to adopt an ethical approach since it shares commonalities with ethical leadership. Chapter 3 is dedicated to spirituality, its role in leadership and its link to ethical leadership. Ethical leadership and spirituality will be discussed and it will be argued that the combination of these two notions will frame the manner by which future leadership will develop. Spirituality has an important role in the development of ethical leaders since it provides meaning and a horizon of transcendence for the way one leads and for one's actions.
Description: M.A.BUS.ETHICS
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