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As an inter-faculty area of excellence, the main objectives of the Institute of Maltese Studies are to promote the pursuit of interdisciplinary academic studies and research on various aspects of Maltese culture and identity in their widest manifestations, thereby serving as a focal point for students and scholars. It is envisaged that the Institute will function as a research resource centre through the creation of a reference index of theses and publications and other relevant material in this domain as well as to hold occasional seminars and other encounters. Funds and resources permitting, it is planned to have the Institute serve as an ethnic-cultural link with Maltese and other overseas communities through the promotion of association, research, information and exchange agreements with tertiary institutions and communal bodies in the fields of migrant settlement and diaspora concerns throughout the world. A Master course in Maltese Studies was successfully started in 2008/9 as a new degree. This is intended to develop an understanding and an appreciation of Maltese nationality, culture and identity in time and space. It has attracted students with interests in Maltese history and lifestyle, structures and habitat and has been looking into themes such as ethnicity, politics, governance, language, literature, society, agriculture, environment, religion, archaeology, architecture, law, medicine, music, art and heritage. This Master. is both a research training degree and a free-standing course drawing on expertise from a wide range of disciplines in different faculties, so that students are exceptionally well-supported and have access to a wide and unique range of knowledge. The degree provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on various aspects of Maltese affairs, develops research and other skills, and allows for specialist study in one particular area through a thesis in the third year, the first four semesters being taught courses. Due to the wide range of topics under study the Master in Maltese Studies is an ideal preparation for a variety of jobs and positions, and can also serve as a vital tool for emigrants of Maltese descent as well as being a valuable preliminary degree for those wishing to further their studies in this area by reading for a doctorate. All those who have a first degree at any grade, and others deemed to have equivalent qualifications by dint of distinguished professional life experiences or researched publications, will be able to register for the Master courses or even, by prior arrangement, for some of its units, especially in the case of overseas students. Courses will be in English.


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