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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05MEMS electrothermal actuators for underwater manipulation and mechanical characterisation of human red blood cellsSciberras, Thomas; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Demicoli, Marija; Grech, Ivan; Sammut, Nicholas; Mallia, Bertram
2023Wave-particle interactions in copper diamondPortelli, Marcus; Pasquali, Michele; Carra, Federico; Bertarelli, Alessandro; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Sammut, Nicholas
2023Thermo-mechanical fluid–structure interaction numerical modelling and experimental validation of MEMS electrothermal actuators for aqueous biomedical applicationsSciberras, Thomas; Demicoli, Marija; Grech, Ivan; Mallia, Bertram; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Sammut, Nicholas
2017Studiando la geometria descrittiva [Learning descriptive geometry]Mollicone, Antonio; Mollicone, Pierluigi
2023Drag increase and turbulence augmentation in two-way coupled particle-laden wall-bounded flowsBattista, Francesco; Gualtieri, Paolo; Mollicone, Jean-Paul; Salvadore, Francesco; Carlo Massimo, Casciola
2023Malta's underground water worldGhirlando, Robert
2015Monitoring and assessment guidelines for marine litter in Mediterranean MPAsGalgani, François; Deidun, Alan; Liubartseva, Svitlana; Gauci, Adam; B. Doronzo, Bartolomeo; Brandini, Carlo; Gerigny, Olivia
2020Automatic benthic habitat mapping using inexpensive underwater dronesGauci, Adam; Deidun, Alan; Abela, John; Cachia, Ernest; Dimech, Sean
2023Predicting the yield surface in a two-dimensional stress system : a student's laboratory experimentMuscat, Martin; Mollicone, Pierluigi
2022Experimental and numerical analysis of MEMS electrothermal actuators with cascaded V-shaped mechanismsSciberras, Thomas; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Demicoli, Marija; Grech, Ivan; Sammut, Nicholas; Mallia, Bertram
2023Progress in the development of the in-vessel transporter and the upper port cask for the remote replacement of the DEMO breeding blanketBachmann, Christian; Janeschitz, Guenter; Fanelli, Pierluigi; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Muscat, Martin; Stefanini, Cesare; Steinbacher, Thomas; Vega Domínguez, Jaime; Vigano, Federica; Vitolo, Raffaele
2009A finite element analysis on the potential for negative thermal expansion and negative compressibility of triangular building blocksGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Ellul Grech, Brian
2018The applicability and implementation of the discrete Big Bang-Big Crunch optimisation technique for discontinuous objective function in multi-material laminated composite pressure vesselsEllul Grech, Brian; Camilleri, Duncan
2017Composite fibre reinforced pipe elbows subject to combined loadingCamilleri, Duncan; Ellul Grech, Brian
2018Failure envelopes for composite fiber reinforced pipe elbows subject to combined loading — a numerical assessmentCamilleri, Duncan; Ellul Grech, Brian
2022Filament wound composite pipes subject to torsion and bending loadsFarrugia, Nicole; Camilleri, Duncan; Ellul Grech, Brian; Muscat, Martin
2022Computational analysis of FRP tapered utility polesStewart, Christian; Muscat, Martin; Camilleri, Duncan; Ellul Grech, Brian
2019Particles in turbulent separated flow over a bump : effect of the Stokes number and lift forceMollicone, Jean-Paul; Sharifi, Mahshid; Battista, Francesco; Gualtieri, Paolo; Casciola, Carlo Massimo
2019Exact regularized point particle (ERPP) method for particle-laden wall-bounded flows in the two-way coupling regimeBattista, Francesco; Mollicone, Jean-Paul; Gualtieri, Paolo; Messina, Roberta; Casciola, Carlo Massimo
2017Effect of geometry and Reynolds number on the turbulent separated flow behind a bulge in a channelMollicone, Jean-Paul; Battista, Francesco; Gualtieri, Paolo; Casciola, Carlo Massimo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 342