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Title: 2nd National symposium of health sciences 16th March 2016 : abstracts
Other Titles: Malta Journal of Health Science. Supplement, March 2016
Authors: Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen
Zarb, Francis
Keywords: Medicine -- Malta -- Periodicals
Medical sciences -- Malta -- Congresses
Issue Date: 2016-03
Publisher: Malta Journal of Health Sciences
Citation: Malta Journal of Health Sciences. 2016, Vol.3(1) Suppl.
Abstract: Supplement of the Malta Journal of Health Sciences March 2016. The supplement includes the second National Symposium of Health Sciences held on the 16th March 2016. It gives witness to the great strides taken by members of the Faculty to reach the highest standards of research possible, most of which is being accepted for publication in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals. Reference to the Dean’s awards for academic year 2014/5.
Description: Contents: The effect of smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption on inflammation and the risk of Myocardial Infarction - Ritienne Attard, Philip Dingli, Karen Cassar, Carine Doggen, Rosienne Farrugia, Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger; Dietary and physical activity assessment in 5-6-year-old Maltese children - Roberta Zarb Adami, Petra Jones, Claire Sillato Copperstone; The design and validation of a framework of competencies in spiritual care for nurses and midwives: a modified Delphi study - Attard Josephine; Developing content of health care curricula using a multi-stakeholder research-based approach - Joseph Castillo, Carmel J. Caruana, Paul S. Morgan, Catherine Westbrook, Adrian Mizzi; Predicting wound healing after minor amputations of the diabetic foot using different physiological tests - Luana Caruana, Cynthia Formosa, Kevin Cassar; Speech perception skills in Maltese adolescent cochlear implant users - Jackie Busuttil, Helen Grech; Biochemical measurements of total serum calcium, alkaline phosphatase and albumin in relation to bone mineral density and fracture susceptibility in Maltese postmenopausal women - Melissa M. Formosa, Angela Xuereb Anastasi; The lived experiences of caregivers of persons with depression: an interpretative phenomenological analysis - Isaura Camilleri, Josianne Scerri, Martin Ward; Characterisation of the interactions between a biofilm-forming bacterium and fungi related to pear fruit diseases - Davide Sardella, Pantelis Natskoulis, Elina Gkana, Efstathios Panagou, Vasilis Valdramidis; Maltese patients’ satisfaction with the Nurse-led Heart Failure Clinic: a mixed methods study - Anne Marie Sapiano, Roberta Sammut; The effectiveness of intermittent electrical stimulation on lower extremity arterial perfusion and walking capacity in patients living with diabetes and intermittent claudication - Christian Ellul, Alfred Gatt; How is the European Union perceived to influence health systems? The Malta case study - Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, Kristine Sorensen, Christoph Aluttis, Roderick Pace, Helmut Brand; An evaluation of two novel techniques for estimating the spatial resolution (SR) of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners from daily uniformity images - Jean Mikhail Bickle, Shelan Mahmood, Michael Waller, Garry McDermott; Combined effect of smoking and the -148C>T fibrinogen polymorphism and the risk of Myocardial Infarction in the Maltese population - Julia Bonaci, Christine Tabone, Ritienne Attard, Alexander Gatt, Philip Dingli, Karen Cassar, Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger, Rosienne Farrugia; Nursing students’ response to simulated deterioration - Alexis Borg Sapiano, Roberta Sammut, Josef Trapani; Compliance with Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) at Mater Dei Hospital: a pressing concern - Dale Brincat, Thomas Borg Barthet, Janice Borg, Thomas Calleja, Ermira Tartari, Claire Farrugia, Michael Angelo Borg; The application of Six Sigma in health care: examples from Emergency Departments in Germany and Malta - Sandra C. Buttigieg, Wilfried von Eiff, Patrick Farrugia, Dorothy Gauci; An investigation into the use of standardised outcome measures in Maltese physiotherapy practice - Andrew Cassar, Harriet Shannon, Sarah Rand; Formal carers’ knowledge, educational needs and attitudes towards older residents living with dementia - Roberta Farrugia, Roberta Sammut, Anthony Scerri; Inter-rater reliability of Doppler waveform analysis amongst health care professionals - Cynthia Formosa, Christian Ellul, Anabelle Mizzi, Stephen Mizzi, Alfred Gatt; A critical evaluation of diabetes foot screening guidelines - Cynthia Formosa, Alfred Gatt, Nachiappan Chockalingam; Two polymorphisms in the RANK gene are associated with bone mineral density and increased fracture risk in Maltese postmenopausal women - Melissa M. Formosa, Angela Xuereb Anastasi; The cost implications of a healthy diet - Ryan Gauci, Petra Jones; Population allele frequencies of the 5-HTTLPR Serotonin Transporter gene polymorphism - Christopher Grech, Rosienne Farrugia; The effect of KLF1 variants on HbA2 and HbF - Laura Grech, Jeremy Cutajar, Clint Mizzi, Jeanesse Scerri, Ruth Galdies, Wilhelmina Cassar, Christian A. Scerri, Alexander E. Felice, Joseph Borg; Comparison of hearing aid outcome measures in Maltese hearing aid users - Pauline Miggiani, Nadine Calleja; Characterisation of fungal contaminants affecting preservation properties of Pirus communis var. bambinella - Arianne Muscat, Davide Sardella, Stephen Decelis, Vasilis Valdramidis; Construction of the Maltese Speech-in-Noise Test (M-SINT) - Martha Pace, Stuart Rosen; Molecular typing of the Cartwright blood group antigen in Malta - Gabriella Sant, Rebecca Spiteri, Jesmond Debono, Joseph Borg; Factor analysis of a questionnaire for auditory processing skills - Nadine Tabone, Helen Grech, Doris-Eva Bamiou
ISSN: 2313-0768
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