Introductory Meeting

The first seminar, held on Friday 23 February 2018, brought together teachers, CPD leaders and members of the University team and those from the Ministry of Education. This seminar was an introduction to the CPD course involving over 100 teachers and 28 CPD leaders working within 33 different schools.

Presentations by Speakers

A brief introduction about the collaboration between the Faculty of Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta (UM) and the Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE) was led by Dr Michael Buhagiar (UM) and Ms Mariella Galea (MEDE).

This was followed by an overview of the project conducted by Dr Josette Farrugia (UM). In her presentation, Dr Farrugia explained  the work involved for teachers during the CPD course. She also mentioned the role of CPD leaders in supporting and leading teachers while also cultivating learning communities within schools.

Dr James Calleja (UM) then offered key features of inquiry-based learning (IBL), explaining how inquiry can be integrated in lessons with support from the PD materials offered by MaSDiV.

Ms Marvic Francalanza, a secondary school mathematics  teacher, delivered a short speech about diversity and multiculturalism. She offered ideas about how diversity and multiculturalism can be addressed using IBL as a pedagogy for teaching mathematics and science.