• 3D rendering COVID-19 and DNA helix models moving in abstract blue background


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TargetID – Novel Drug Targets for Infectious Diseases is funded through the MCST COVID-19 R&D Fund 2020 jointly administered by the Malta Council for Science & Technology and Malta Enterprise. This University of Malta project is carried out by the Department of Applied Biomedical Science within the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and the Centre for Molecular Medicine & Biobanking.

TargetID will identify genes that regulate molecules that show deranged expression after SARS-Cov-2 infection, with the aim of finding suitable drug targets that will prevent COVID-19 induced cytokine storms. RNA-Seq and whole genome sequencing data will be generated from 1000 individuals and analysed using a combination of approaches.

This project will lead to a number of high-impact publications, and the data generated will be an invaluable resource for future grant applications.