The state-of-the-art in augmented-reality (AR), virtual-reality (VR) and cinematic recording is using a camera rig to capture the scene. The video Light Field technology allows digital refocusing after capture and facilitates 3D modelling and the realistic integration of computer-generated content. The major hurdle is that this system is too expensive for most productions. The VideO Light field Acquisition and REstoration (VoLARe) project involves the design and development of a low-cost video light field capturing system which aims to reduce the number of cameras by a factor of nine, thus reducing the throughput and therefore the costs of the equipment. The major challenge in this project is to develop spatial, angular and temporal restoration techniques to improve the quality of the captured video light field. Stargate Studios Malta, a video production and visual effects company, will use the developed video light field capturing system in a production. The VoLARe project is financed by the Malta Council for Science & Technology, for and on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology, through the FUSION: R&I Technology Development Programme.