Attitude Control (Electronic) Platform for Pico-Satellites

Project: UoMBSat1 - B.Eng. Final Year Project
Supervisor: Dr Ing. Marc A. Azzopardi 
Status: Completed Phase 1 
Funding: Research Group
Student: Ramses Rotin
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Simon Fabri
Advisor: Dr Ing. Marvin Bugeja 
Date: 2016 - 2017

The objective of this project is to develop a suitable attitude control platform that can be sufficiently scaled to fit the power, mass and volume budget of a 1P PocketQube Picosatellite. This involves integrating various actuators, drivers, sensors and a microcontroller into a compact single board design. Given the inaccessibility for repair after launch and the adverse conditions in space (thermal cycling, radiation, high vacuum, atomic oxygen), the design must take into account the reliability of components when placed under such stress. Suitable design techniques must be adopted to ensure that any failures do not propagate through the system, and that there is sufficient in-built resilience for the system be reconfigured to cope progressively with failure. Power consumption is also an important consideration, and therefore high energy efficiency is a priority.