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Webinar Topics: 

- Strategies for physics teacher pre-service education at all levels;

- Inquiry Based Learning and teacher Education;

- Professional learning and Practitioner inquiry;

- University school cooperation;

- Multimedia in teacher education;

- Physics Education Research in Teacher Education;

- Exercises and problem solving in teacher education;

- Experiments and lab work in teacher education;

- Contemporary topics in physics;

- Physics in primary physics education.

Workgroup Discussion Webinar Topics: 

[i] ICT and Multimedia in Teacher Education (Initial and Further PD). Leaders: Peter Demkanin, Ton Ellermeijer, Lars-Jochen Thoms

[ii] Experiments and lab work in teacher education. Leaders: Ian Bearden, Leoš Dvorák, Gorazd Planinšič

[iii] Quantum Mechanics in Teaching and learning physics. Leaders: Sergej Faletic, Marisa Michelini, Gesche Pospiech

[iv] Formal, non-formal and informal aspects of physics education at primary level. Leaders: Mojca Cepic, Marco Gilberti, Dagmara Sokolowska

[v] Strategies for pre-service physics teacher education at all levels. Leaders: Digna Couso, Claudio Fazio, Zuzana Jeskova

[vi] In-service teacher professional learning strategies. Leaders: Eilish McLoughlin, Wim Peeters, David Sands, Jenaro Guisasola  


Details on Workgroup Discussion Webinar Topics can be found here

Process for Workgroup Discussions:

For the 2020 GIREP webinar we have prioritised that this event should encourage active participation from each attendee: a model that we have recently experienced in other webinars successfully. For this work the coordination of the WGs is important and will be coordinated by the trio: Marisa Michelini, Dagmara Sokolowska and Eilish McLoughlin.

Each Workgroup (WG) will be led by three WG leaders acting in the roles of Chair, Rapporteur and Discussant during the webinar. During the webinar each WG will have two sessions: the first session (S1) is dedicated to flash presentations (5-10 minutes) of selected contributions; the second session (S2) will discuss important issues relevant to the WG topics. At the end of the webinar, each WG is expected to prepare a position paper on the WG topic. To support this task, we propose that the WG leaders will prepare a discussion grid (DG) based on questions, organized in a hierarchical way. The questions should include the main research issues and the progress of the topic with reference to pre-service and in-service physics teacher education. This DG will serve as reference for preparing the position paper of the WG.

The timeline for further details to be added on the process for WG discussions is:

- WG leaders will prepare a short description of their topic which will help participants to decide which topic they choose to submit their contribution to, deadline 14th August.

- WG leaders will prepare a short list of issues for the discussion grid (DG), deadline 10th September.

We will make regular updates to this webpage on the WG details and process in advance of the Webinar starting on 16th November and please let the organisers know if you have any queries we can assist you with. 

Last Updated: 19 May 2021

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