International Conference on the Voynich Manuscript 2022      Voynich conference 2022  

Conference Programme  

Day One – Wednesday 30th November


1300 Conference Opening – Colin Layfield – University of Malta

1305  A Few Words about the Voynich – Ray Clemens – Beinecke Library – Yale University

1330 Keynote Speech – Transliteration of the Voynich Text- René Zandbergen

Session One – Moderated by John Abela

1415-1445 Alexander Boxer

Fingerprinting Gibberish: A Quantitative Comparison of the Voynich and Sloane MS 3188.

1445-1515 Koen Gheuens and Cary Rapaport

Above and Beyond Voynich Canopies: Tents as a Recurring Motif in Beinecke MS 408.

1515-1545 Keagan Brewer

I beg your grace to suppress this chapter or else to have it written in secret letters’: 

The emotions of encipherment in late-medieval gynaecology.

1545-1615 Daniel Gaskell and Claire Bowern

Gibberish after all? Voynichese is statistically similar to human-produced samples of meaningless text.

Day One (continued)

Session Two – Moderated by Michael Rosner

1615-1645 Kevin Farrugia, Colin Layfield and Lonneke van der Plas

Demystifying the scribes behind the Voynich Manuscript using Computational Linguistic Techniques.

1645-1715 Claire Bowern and Daniel Gaskell

Enciphered after all? Word-level text metrics are compatible with some types of encipherment.

1715-1745 Jürgen Hermes

Polygraphia III: The cipher that pretends to be an artificial language.

1745-1815 Andrew Caruana, Colin Layfield and John Abela

An Analysis of the Relationship between Words within the Voynich Manuscript.

Day Two – Thursday 1st December

Session Three – Moderated by Lonneke van der Plas

1300-1330 Luke Lindemann

Crux of the MATTR: Voynichese Morphological Complexity.

1330-1400 Massimiliano Zattera

A new transliteration alphabet brings new evidence of word structure and multiple "languages" in the Voynich manuscript.

1400-1430 Katie Painter and Claire Bowern

Examining the history of Voynich glyphs using phylogenetic methods.

1430-1500 Patrick Feaster

Rightward and Downward Grapheme Distributions in the Voynich Manuscript.


Session Four – Moderated by Claire Bowern

1500-1530 Tavi Stafford

Seven Habits of Highly Eccentric Paragraphs.

1530-1600 Farley Katz

From Voynich to the Beinecke, the Trail of Ownership.

1600-1630 Klaus Schmeh and Elonka Dunin

The Voynich Manuscript Compared with Other Encrypted Books.

1630-1700 Stefan Guzy

Book transactions of Emperor Rudolf II 1576-1612. New findings on the earliest ownership of the Voynich manuscript.

1700-1750 Keynote Speech –Voynich Paleography- Lisa Fagin Davis – Medieval Academy of America

1750 Closing Remarks – Colin Layfield – Conference Chair


• Conference starts at 1300 CET November 30 (Central European Time – UTC + 1) 

• Conference ends at 1800 CET 

• The video recordings of all the talks will be made available to all attendees after the conference.

• The Zoom link for the sessions will be sent to all attendees by email.

 All times are CET (Central European Time)


Participants may wish to download the programme from here


A copy of the abstracts of the talks being presented may be downloaded from here 


The paper presentations will have the following format:

 - 20 minute pre-recorded video presentation from the author(s) 

 - 10 minute Q&A with the authors