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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Informed consent in social media use - the gap between user expectations and EU personal data protection lawCusters, Bart; van Der Hof, Simone; Schermer, Bart; Appleby-Arnold, Sandra; Brockdorff, Noellie
2021Introspective projection : prototypical representations of policing in the service of rule of lawSammut, Gordon; Mifsud, Rebekah; Brockdorff, Noellie
2007Maltese perceptions of the United KingdomBrockdorff, Noellie; Caruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour
2019Perceptions of security reportMifsud, Rebekah; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Brockdorff, Noellie; Sammut, Gordon
2002Perceptual processes in matching and recognition of complex picturesLamberts, Koen; Brockdorff, Noellie; Heit, Evan
2006Perceptual similarity in autismBott, Lewis; Brock, Jon; Brockdorff, Noellie; Boucher, Jill; Lamberts, Koen
2009Perspective-taking : a critical aspect of market orientationCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Brockdorff, Noellie
2016-10Politics, policy & risky businessBrockdorff, Noellie; Bajada, Claude J.
2020A report on minority relations in MaltaBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Mifsud, Rebekah; Brockdorff, Noellie; Sammut, Gordon
2009The role of perspective-talking in the understanding of cooperation and relationship marketingCaruana, Albert; Brockdorff, Noellie; Chircop, Saviour; Camilleri, Liberato
2021Social representations of policing report (Vol I)Mifsud, Rebekah; Brockdorff, Noellie; Sammut, Gordon
2021Societal debates (Vol III)Sammut, Gordon; Mifsud, Rebekah; Brockdorff, Noellie
2004Strategic processes in false recognition memoryHeit, Evan; Brockdorff, Noellie; Lamberts, Koen