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Title: The role of perspective-talking in the understanding of cooperation and relationship marketing
Authors: Caruana, Albert
Brockdorff, Noellie
Chircop, Saviour
Camilleri, Liberato
Keywords: Visual perception -- Psychological aspects
Social exchange
Social psychology
Relationship marketing
Marketing -- Management
Issue Date: 2009-01
Publisher: Academy of Marketing
Citation: Caruana, A., Brockdorff, N., Chircop S., & Camilleri, L. (2009). The role of perspective-talking in the understanding of cooperation and relationship marketing. Academy of Marketing Conference: Putting Marketing in its Place, Leeds. 1-8.
Abstract: Relationship marketing has established itself as one of the main pursuits in marketing. Various viewpoints have been proposed seeking to explicate relationship marketing. This paper focuses on the role of perspective-taking as an overlooked aspect of relationship marketing. It suggests that cooperation in relationship marketing requires the marketer to undertake a process that involves understanding the perspective of partners by realistically imagining their point of view. Grounded in aptitude theory a perspective-taking approach that incorporates both a perspective-taking ability and a perspective-taking propensity is tested in a model that also considers the impact of trust and commitment on cooperation. Data is collected from a sample of managers of manufacturing firms. Results supporting the role of perspective-taking are reported. Conclusions are drawn, limitations are noted and opportunities for further research are indicated.
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