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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Health promotion and the community pharmacistEllul, Maria
2007Malta : an obesogenic island in the MediterraneanEllul, Maria
2018Malta sightseeing planner : an itinerary planning system for visitors using a Geographic Information System based approachEllul, Maria
2011Optimisation of sample preparation in the particle-size characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients by laser diffractionEllul, Maria; Schembri, Oliver; Farrugia, Claude
2012Physicochemical parameters as a predictive tool for optimum dispersion of active pharmaceutical ingredientsEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2015Physicochemical properties of dispersions of clozapine, 4-acetamidophenol and venlafaxine hydrochloride in hydrophobic mediaAttard, Jessica; Ellul, Maria; Farrugia, Claude
2014Quality by design optimisation of active pharmaceutical ingredient dispersions based on physicochemical parametersEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2018Renunciation and acceptance of an inheritance : is existing legislation in need of refinement?Ellul, Maria
2015Smoothing transitions from kindergarten 2 to primary school from the parents'/ guardians' perspectivesEllul, Maria; Spiteri, Claire
2015A study of surfactant effects on the physical chemistry of vegetable and mineral oilsZammit Mamo, Rachelle; Ellul, Maria; Farrugia, Claude
2007The weight reduction service organised by the Health Promotion Department, MaltaEllul, Maria